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Artist Statement
I am interested in material processes and behaviors. The transformation, reformation and
deformation of the material represent the reciprocal energy exchange between everything in the
universe. Life experiences and circumstances affect our past and future and direct us through the path of life while we have the least control over them. Everything that happens in life solely
exists in the past the moment we acknowledge it; time passage is irreversible, but the memory of that moment embeds in our bodies.
From 1980-1988 I encountered bombarding during Iran and Iraq's war. I immigrated to Canada
in 2013 after living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, for eight years. In 2019 I moved out
from my husband's. Major circumstances constantly affected and shaped my life.
In my studio practice, I make immersive installations, performances, drawings, and paintings. I
explore relations between those life experiences and memories with who I am.
Using various materials and handcrafted tools, I create accidental mark-making that manifests
my expressive expressions in response to the narrative of my life.
The execution of abstract text, Asemic Writing, applies to the uncontrollable episodes in life.
The immediacy and urgency of unconsciously writing the unreadable abstract text present my
feelings about the unsaying memories. I am hoping the viewer can perceive my work as their
own life experiences.

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